Ryan Dunn

Recorder of voice. Writer of compelling stories. Lover of coffee-flavored coffee. Questor of enlightened living.

Let’s get creating.


After working in radio production for several years, Ryan jumped into podcasting with both passion and knowledge–producing, hosting and editing two podcasts. His work on the religiously-based Compass Podcast won awards. His passion project, The Bad-Ass Dad Pod, follows a pursuit to live his best life in middle-age. Ryan also hosts and produces Pastoring in the Digital Parish, a podcast offering community and resources for ministry leaders.


Ryan currently writes primarily for UMC.org, the web page of The United Methodist denomination. He also maintains a presence on Medium.

In his free time, Ryan writes strange-fiction short stories and works on a novel.


Middle age is no time of decline for Mr. Dunn. He’s questing to dunk a basketball for the first time and to restore a neglected pop-up camper. He records quest advancements on Instagram.

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